andreas-panagiAntonis and Androulla Panayi

In 1969 Mrs. Androulla and Mr. Antonis were the first people to open the jewellery shop in Famagusta with the name ‘Bonanza’. After the tragic events of the Turkish invasion, the shop was reconstructed in Larnaca taking on its current name "The Golden Key". Over the years, strong customer relations were established. Most of the store's customers would choose the store because they were happy with the honesty, professionalism, quality and friendly service of its staff. Whilst they cherished the family business for many years, when the owners reached an advanced age, they handed over the baton to their son Andreas Panayi

Andreas Panayi

The new owner, with the knowledge and experience he had gained over the years alongside his parents and with his expertise in jewellery, was definitely the person best suited to continue the store’s long history. His passion and love for goldsmithery and jewellery became apparent very early on. From childhood he began to engage with prominent craftsmen from abroad who specialised in jewellery design and manufacture as well as in setting gemstones. At first, he was a simple observer, but soon after he got his hands on his first jewels and started experimenting. After graduating from school, he attended the School of Goldsmithery and Diamond-setting Cyprus, where he learned the art of diamond work. At the same time, he attended training seminars in Gemmology, gaining a valuable insight into the craftsmanship when working with diamonds and precious stones. As the store owner he continues his principal goal of fashioning every piece according to each customer’s personal desire. He is passionate about his occupation and worships each and every challenge. Every item he creates is exceptional and is truly a distinctive work of art. Andreas’ priority is the quality, the beauty and the uniqueness of each of his creations.